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Indie Gyms is the private fitness network connecting high-quality home gyms to certified fitness trainers and their clients.

Trainers use your gym to train clients. You Earn Up to $500/month* From Your Garage Gym!

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how it works

Even before COVID-19, the corporate gym industry sold a bad product. For fitness trainers, these big-box, commercial gyms are downright unfair, charging as much as 80% commissions to train clients in their crowded, generic spaces. With many gyms still closed or operating on reduced capacity, many experienced and exceptional fitness professionals have been left without a place to train or access to the proper equipment to train their clients.

Indie Gyms solves this problem by connecting certified & insured fitness trainers to owners of high-quality home gyms to provide a private venue for training. Gym hosts select the trainers they work with and set the schedule, price, and terms.

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get an invite

Own a quality home gym? Apply for an invitation to Indie Gyms & turn your gym's unused time into extra cash. You work hard in your gym. Why not make your gym work hard for you?

sponsor a trainer

When a certified fitness trainer is interested in your gym, we'll connect you to see if it's a good fit. All Indie Gyms trainers are certified, background checked & insured, so you can be comfortable with who's in your gym.

be a host

After you agree on a schedule, simply prepare your gym and the trainer will do the rest. Trainers subscribe to gyms on a recurring basis, so you'll get to know the trainers you host & they will care for your gym like it was their own.

your gym works for you

We're home gym owners too and we know how important our gyms are to us. We'll walk with you every step of the way and make sure your gym is protected. We vet the trainers, cover the legal paperwork, take care of payments, & provide support if anything goes off course. At Indie Gyms, we've designed our platform with trust and safety at its core, to foster strong community & mutual respect.

the freedom of fitness

We're home gym owners too. We built our gyms to escape overcrowded, restrictive, corporate gyms. However, when COVID-19 left trainers without work and put the entire gym industry at risk, we knew our home gyms could be the key to getting trainers back in business. Even before the pandemic, big corporate gym chains took advantage of the trainer community, saddling them with unfair contracts and enormous commissions. We knew there had to be a better way.

We created Indie Gyms to disrupt the traditional gym industry. As home gym owners, we already knew generic, corporate fitness centers actually inhibit fitness. In fact, many of their business models are based on subscribers signing up...but never showing up. We think that’s messed up. Fitness is a basic human necessity, and access to quality fitness equipment and instruction has been controlled by big-box fitness centers for far too long.

We're a brand new company with an unorthodox idea and big vision. We're audacious enough to believe we can make personal fitness more accessible and less commercial.

If you have a home gym, join our waitlist and get your gym ready for a new experiment in fitness freedom!


Matt & Will
Founders, Indie Gyms

launching in the 757

Join the community of Norfolk/Virginia Beach home gym owners eager to make money on their home gyms, support local fitness trainers & disrupt the big-box gym industry. Enter your name and email address to get on the Waiting List. Currently accepting gyms!

*$500/month is based on a gym offering one training block per day for four days each week at an average price of $30/block. Gym owners could make more or less based on their gym features, popularity, and availability.

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