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Indie Gyms is a community marketplace connecting home gym owners to personal trainers in need of private fitness spaces

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how it works:

a marketplace for home gyms

We created Indie Gyms to give home gym owners the opportunity to monetize their gym investments by renting their fitness space to certified personal trainers and their clients. Think of it like a private Airbnb for home gym owners and personal trainers. Create a FREE listing! You control the price and your gym's schedule.

monetize your gym

You work hard in your gym. Make your gym work hard for you. Create a free listing and turn your gym's unused time into extra cash...you set the price! With Indie Gyms, payments are seamlessly and securely transferred into your bank account. No in-person interactions required!

set your schedule

You control when your gym is available. Create an hourly or daily listing and customize your schedule around your life and gym time. With Indie Gyms, your gym's availability is automatically managed according to your terms! Feel free to change it up anytime!

be a host

Your gym, your rules. Use our secure messaging tool to get to know the gym owner, ask questions, and coordinate check-in. Read their previous reviews before approving a booking. Simply prepare your gym for guests and sit back knowing your gym is at work for you, providing an essential service to certified personal trainers and their clients.

leave a review

Gym hosts and trainers can only review each other after a reservation, so you know the feedback you’re seeing is based on actual experiences. At Indie Gyms, we've designed our platform with trust and security at its core, including building a 2-way review system to foster community and mutual respect.

the indie gyms marketplace platform

Browse our gym listings or easily search for the gym that works for you!

Read reviews, message the gym owner, and reserve your gym seamlessly. All payments are securely transferred after you use the space.

show your independent streak

We're home gym owners too. We built our gyms to escape overcrowded, restrictive, corporate gyms. However, when COVID-19 left trainers without work and put the entire gym industry at risk, we knew our home gyms could be the key to getting trainers back in business. Even before the pandemic, big corporate gym chains took advantage of the trainer community, saddling them with unfair contracts and enormous commissions. We knew there had to be a better way.

We created Indie Gyms to disrupt the traditional gym industry. As home gym owners, we already knew generic, corporate fitness centers actually inhibit fitness. In fact, many of their business models are based on subscribers signing up...but never showing up. We think that’s messed up. Fitness is a basic human necessity, and access to quality fitness equipment and instruction has been controlled by big-box fitness centers for far too long.

We're a brand new company with an unorthodox idea and big vision. We're audacious enough to believe we can make personal fitness more accessible and less commercial. However, we can't do it without you.
If you have a home gym, join our pre-launch waitlist and get your gym ready for a new experiment in fitness freedom!


Matt & Will
Founders, Indie Gyms

launching in Hampton Roads, VA and Outer Banks, NC!

Join the new community of home gym owners eager to disrupt the corporate gym industry and make money on their home gyms! Enter your name and email address for an invitation to join Indie Gyms, along with updates as we get closer to launch day! Currently in Private Beta!

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